Butter Maid Bakery for National Sugar Cookie Day: July 9, 2015

The sugar cookie is noted for being one of the most simplest and certainly, one of the sweetest.  They are normally a blank palette, leaving opportunities for painting with icing, adding smaller treats or dusted with, yes, sugar.  For this noted holiday, Ginae Says offers the best of the sugar cookies, as created by Butter Maid Bakery (BMB).


Well, let us tell you.  BMB bakes their cookies fresh.  In fact, the notified us once our cookies were ready for delivery.  They finished on Saturday and arrived by Thursday, just as promised.  They were generous too!  They sent out the list of items just below this paragraph.


  • (1) Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies Sale Price: $14.95
  • (1) Dozen USA Flag Sugar Cookies Sale Price: $14.95
  • (1) Large (24 Oz+) Raspberry Walnut Kolachi Roll Sale Price $16.45
  • (1) Big, Coffee Mug (With 4 Chocolate Chip Cookies Tucked In)

Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies

Seriously, the chocolate languidly melts in your mouth.  What you are left with is a soft-textured cooky.

Dozen USA Flag Sugar Cookies

The sugar cookies are also of a tender acclimation, without falling apart and crumbling to the earth, leaving the sensitive consumer with nothing but tears.

ButterMaidBakeryLarge (24 Oz+) Raspberry Walnut Kolachi Roll

This monstro-sized kolachi is unlike anything we've ever experienced in our life.  Ever.  It's also tender and because it's surrounded by pastry, the first thing that you notice is the freshness.  After that, the ingredients mix so well together, that your only observation is the texture of raisins.  Delightful!

So, let's recap.  National Sugar Cookie Day is fun.  However, why not have the best?  Butter Maid Bakery did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it.  Their products are the epitome of delicious.  The products are well-packed  and lastly, they sent over a personally-written thank you card.  We love that!

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