Wine Stoppers - Beer Bottle Caps (4-pack)

Three of the bottle stoppers are burgundy and one is black.  The black one has, "Rough Day," on the top in white letters.  The burgundy stoppers have the following on their ends, in white letters;

Liquid Therapy
Wine StoppersSip Happens
Wine Not?

While we could have done without these end-of-stopper messages, these are a nice set to have.  They don't attach in such a manner as to form a forever bond.  Their easy to put on and to remove.  They do form a nice seal though.  Hopefully, these stoppers will not age and eventually crack.  But, for now, they are good to have.

The fit on top of soda bottles too.  How many times have you gone to have just a little, only to lose the lid before you have a chance to re-cap.  Perhaps, that's just us?
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