Ultra Bright 2-in-1 Work Light Flashlight w/ Free Batteries

Well, I didn't receive the free AAA batteries.  That was kind-of crummy.  But, I like the work light/flashlight.  It's tiny.  But, mighty. 

2-in-1 Work LightThe shape of this unit makes it easy to hold in the hand.  When using the lamp as a work light, there is a hook at the top and a strong magnet on the back, so that you are free to hang, stick or otherwise place the work light.  It's easy to use too.

Press the button (on the front) once and the flashlight comes on.  The flashlight is located at the top of the unit.  Press again and the flashlight goes off. 

The next time that you depress the button, the work light comes on.  Hit it again and it goes off.  Just as an aside, feel free not to be looking into the big work light area when it's going to come on.  It's really bright!

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