Tyga: The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty

The Gold Album is Tyga's fourth studio LP.  It was schedule to be released last November 18th in 2014.  One may stream the entire album @ Spotify.

1.  Spitfire

Slow tempo.  Not much bass.  Lyrics bland.

2.  Muh  F_ck_

Starts off with something which one would expect to hear from a child's toy.  The contrast between the play off innocence and the harshness of almost every other word in this song (BIG HINT:  The title of this song.) are almost enough to keep our interest.  But, not enough.

The Gold Album3.  Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu has promise.  It also has a musical background akin to what one would hear from a child's toy.  However, there is also a weird beat with some odd voices coming in to play at unexpected intervals.  It's not enough for our tastes.  There's something missing.

4.  God Talk

Here again, it's just not enough.  The rap isn't substantive enough.  But, it does start to get chaotic with the addition of some much-needed bass towards the middle.  This strain is repeated later and it's incredible!  This piece  ends well.  What is God Talk?  We haven't figured that out yet.   

5.  Hard For You

Begins with a high-pitched female oration, which continues at odd intervals in the background.  It doesn't add much.  The rest of the song is a boring rap.   

6.  Down For a Min

This is the ballad of the piece.  But, it's not tender or loving. 

7.  Pure Luxury

Slow rap.  Not strange enough to keep our attention.

8.  Wham

Has a good beat.  But, it's not meaty enough for sustenance.

9.  Pleazer - Boosie Bad_zz

This is sweet!  The bass is good.  The bells are timely, if not hypnotic.  The rap is good.  Relaxation notes. 

10. Hollywood Nigg_z

Just not interesting enough.

11. 4MyDawgs

Starts out beautifully and ends, leaving us sad.  We're not sure why. 

12. Bloodline

While Tyga displays some mad rapping skills on this, it's otherwise too slow and uninteresting.  At least, for this one listener.

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