SinfulColors for Independence Day

If there's one thing that SinfulColors does and does well, it's putting out holiday-specific color collections.  This one is one of our favorite holidays and that's July the Fourth.  We liked the collection even better after we used it.

  • (1) Blue by You (1100)
  • (1) Hot Spot (943)
  • (1) Keira Blu
  • (1) Ruby Ruby (369)
  • (1) Snow Me White (101)
  • (1) Star Blast Off
SinfulColors for Independence Day

Blue by You (1100) has minute speckled spots of shiny-ness and it's just darling, really. 

Hot Spot (943) is a blue shade.  However, it's darker than Blue by You.  It has a purplish tint.  It also has darling speckles. 

Keira Blu is a light shade.  In fact, it needed a couple of coats.  It's also glittery and a very pretty color. 

Ruby Ruby (369) is what we would call a classic red, but lighter in hue.  It has a pinkish tint, but, no speckles. 

Snow Me White (101) requires two coats.  However, this is a completely new hue for us.  We expected a Liquid Paper color.  But, that simply isn't so.

We liked Star Blast Off the best as it's textured.  We are fairly new to the world of nail polishes and have yet to be able to wear it and not even think about it.  Hence, we are constantly pushing back our cuticles and checking for sloppy paint work.  But, with Star Blast Off, you can simply paint over the bad spots (places where you've simply knocked a star off, because you were scrubbing off that cat dripping on the floor).  Plus, we're just mesmerized with the very concept of this type of nail polish.

SinfulColors retails for $1.99 and is available at certain U.S. and Canadian retail stores.  This includes Bed, Bath & Beyond, HEB, KMart, Rite Aid, Shopko, Target, Walmart and others.  Some sets are available exclusively at Walgreens. 

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