The first time that we even considered writing a review for this software package we thought, "Nuh.  This is one of them thangs thet makes pitcher's much so much that it gits ya sick to look at it!"  We grimaced.

But then, we looked closer at software capabilities.  We read something about jquery and CSS.  We were overwhelmed and dissatisfied, mostly by/with our rudimentary coding skills. 

Then, we did the smart thing and actually read all that we could about the software.  We looked for images that had been created with it and didn't find anything.  We realized that we wanted to learn it, review it and create images for those behind us who are as curious as we were.

We knew what we wanted to do.  Yet, it was not possible, at our skill level.  We watched the videos. 


And over.

And over.

We perused the forums and decided that the people posting in those forums were pretty smart and that we might need another human to sit beside us and talk us through it.  This is how we learned how to function in Photoshop.  Nine years later and there is still so much more to learn.


We decided that there are not enough hours in the day (or night) of a busy product reviewer to re-learn Photoshop.  We're motivated.  The slide shows that you can create are far superior to what you get in Google docs.  The animations are outstanding.  However, even the simplest of animated graphics are out of reach.

For now.

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