The Twelve Gauge Charger by Easterly

It's so simply.  It's so unadorned.  It's so easy to use.

Up for your perusal is the creation of two dudes, Jack Easterly and Baird Snyder.  This is a 12 gauge car charger for your mobile telephone.  The one that we received is a khaki green.  However, you may also select red, blue or black and they ship any and everywhere. 

The connecting point moves freely and easily.  The release buttons do the same.  The end piece fits a USB connection.  Hence, you are free to charge a telephone, a camera, etc. 

This device is assembled by hand in Richmond, Virginia and sure to please the hunters and other marksmen on your recipient's list.  It packs a one-amp punch and is created with a real shotgun shell.  It's safe though!

As of today, the Easterly KickStarter campaign has 22 days to go and has almost met their pledged goal.  You are free to back it.  You are free to purchase a charger of your very own.

12 Gauge Car Charger

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