TomBox for June, 2015

TomBox began in May of 2013.  Their sole purpose was and is to make us chicks, "...feel beautiful."  TomBox stands for Time of the Month Box, which is why it arrives every 28 days and is packed with feminine goods. 

While we liked and enjoyed what this months TomBox had to offer, we also feel that the company is having an identity issue.  We thought that we would receive more gear for the monthly.  What we received were more cosmetics and not a single piece of candy, as is listed all over the TomBox website.  However, the candy (chocolate) is omitted during warmer months so that it heat up and melt all over box contents.  Still, it's somewhat confusing.  It might be wiser to market TomBox as something for women, rather than something for one's womanly. 

We also liked the people with whom we dealt to organize the review.  Gracious.  Did what they said they would do.  This is so good when it comes to PR.  We are always grateful for the kindnesses of others.


    TomBox for June, 2015
  • (1) Always Ultra Thin (18 Regular)
  • (1) Silver, Etched Rose Necklace
  • (1) Silver, Charm Bracelet
  • (1) Lash/Brow Brush
  • (1) Pink Box, Labeled, "Beautiful."
  • (1) Purple Box, Labeled, "Beautiful."
  • The boxes contained:
  • (1) Cargo Cosmetics Jet Lag Concealer
  • (1) Cailyn Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner
  • (1) Sampar Masque Source de Nult
  • (1) CoolWay Oil Treatment for Shiny, Hydrated Hair
  • (1) BellaPierre Cosmetics Pink Cheek & Lip Stain
  • (1) Ciga Shimmer Shadow

See?  It's not a bad box.  It's a good box for a good price.  It's just, well, a little confusing.  We had a bit of a time looking for prices too.  We found them on the, "FAQ,"page.  They should have a page on their own.  Just sayin'.

Oh, the prices.  They are $24.00 for a one-time box.  Otherwise, the boxes are $16.00 per month with variances for added items.  For instance, double the makeup and jewelry is an extra $6.00.  An added 4 pack of Venus razor blades is $12.00. 

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