RFID Blocking

The RFID concept is not a new one.  In fact, it's been around since the '70's.  But, RFID products are a hot item lately.  Why?  Because of the sophistication of identity theft maneuvers.  What you need to protect are your driver's license, passport and credit cards. 

Product Review: RFID Blocking RFID Secure does offer a no hassle money back guarantee.  But, you won't need to use it.  The sleeves fit perfectly and are a small investment when you think about what you could lose if you don't use them.

The protectors are comprised of a tough substance which will not tear or puncture and maybe they are tough.  I won't really know that until I've pulled the sleeve out of my wallet for the 888th time.  But, then again, you do receive 10 credit card sleeves and two passport sleeves.

For now, I content that these are a must-have.

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Mom Knows Best said...

I am traveling so these are something that I need. I need to be safe as I dont want my idenity stolen

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