Most all of these tracks are hauntingly beautiful, all on their own. It's so easy when one is tired, just to close your eyes and connect with the sounds in the foreground. This alone, is conducive to a peaceful state.

However, when you add in the psychological concept of subtle messages, which are not heard on a physical level, but rather, received on a spiritual level, you have something pretty powerful. This is, in fact, not our first foray into the world of subliminal music. We've been using them for years and have been able to note specific examples of the ways in which we've benefited from them.

NeuroBeats has not deviated from that norm, either. While it seems a daunting task to quiet this writer's mind, they do help and there is a lot to be gained from that. You really have to experience them for yourself. They're awesome!

Original Release Date: February 3, 2015
Label: NeuroBeats
Copyright: 2015 NeuroBeats
Total Length: 13:00:00
Genres: New Age
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