JBL Clip+

The JBL Clip+ is your typical JBL in that the quality is outstanding.  What you get for the buck is amazing.  To test this piece, we hooked it up to our phone.  Excellent.  We hooked it up in the car.  Excellent.  Then, we tested it at poolside, listening to a paid subscription service.  The tunes included doo wap, progressive rock and current hits.  The high notes have as much clarity as the bass notes.  These are critical for this sensitive listener.
Product Review: JBL Clip+
JBLThe JBL Clip+ is splash proof, equipped with Bluetooth, available in eight fun colors (we received the orange one and really like the vibrant hue) and has a convenient clip at the top.  Take the music with you.

The JBL Clip+ retails for $49.95 and is available from the website listed below.  It ships for free, via Ground, has a 30-day return policy and a lifetime of support. What else do you need?

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