Dude Wipes

Dude Wipes is a company creating flushable wipes for dudes.  It's a solid concept.  In fact, if there are other companies offering a similar item, we cannot find them.  Besides, we like this company!

Dude Wipes
The wipes are available in a 30-pack, as travel singles, or a 48-count soft package for home usage.  These are flushable, disposable, biodegradable, sturdy and smell good.  'Cause, really, if you're a dude, you shouldn't have to skip or prance over to the baby aisle to stay clean.  Just buy these off of the Internet.  No skipping.  No prancing.  No emasculating trips to the grocery or retail outlet. 

  • (1) Box of Flushable Dude Wipes (30 Pack) MSRP $10.99
  • (1) Package of Flushable Dude Wipes (48 Pack) MSRP $6.99
  • (1) Black Ball Cap with, "Dude" on the Bill MSRP $19.99
Dude Wipes
Dude Wipes is an outstanding product.  In fact, they are the recipient of the 2013 Visionary Award at the Vision 2013 Consumer Products Conference.  They've also seen their share of doing business in the limelight. 

We love our new Dude cap! 

You may purchase dude wipes or dude gear for any dude or chick you know.  They are excellent and affordable gifts for the masses.  Simply go to the website listed below, select your items, pay for these items.  Then, live your life.

Thanks Dudes!

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