Delta Kite for Kids with Tail

Wow!  I had forgotten the simple joy of just getting out with kids and a kite. 

I took a friend and her two young children to a serene and peaceful spot.  The kids took to it immediately.  In less than a minute, the kite was set up and to ready for use. 

Her daughter loved the pretty colors and the tail.  She noted that it was much easier to fly this kite than all of the other (cheap) ones that they had gotten before.  She simply laid it on the ground, took off running and was airborne (the kite, not the child) in no time. 

The boy loved it too.  He loved how that he was able to retrieve the kite in one piece after having flown the mass of colors straight into a few treetops.  Soon, a fight ensued and our gentle friend assigned flying times. 

This is a sturdy toy and it brought such happiness... until the fighting began. 

Delta Kite for Kids with Tail

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