Bath Toy Net Organizer Bag & Crayons

Agggghhhh!  I was so awaiting for these to arrive and ready for the fun that they would clearly bring to me.  However, this is simply not the case.  Once they arrived, I looked them over pretty good.  What I discovered from this initial inspection is that the crayons easily fall out of their plastic containers/holders.  Even for the most thoughtful of tub artists, these babies are constantly fallin' out and they will eventually break from such treatment.  I mean, surely they will break. 

Product Review: Bath Toy Net Organizer Bag & CrayonsThen, we actually got into the john and were ready for some blue, kitchen roosters, some sad-looking stick horsies and malformed ducks.  Naw.  The yellow is simply too light to be viewed head-on.  Even when you get close, it is just barely visible.  The other colors were only slightly better.  The tip of my purple has already broken and this was simply from sitting in the package in which it arrived. 

I am sad.  The net bag which was also sent might be salvageable if it can do something other than hold your toys on the wall with those suction cups, which never work, or, only work for a month or two until you bump them. 

I wanted to love them. 

I did.

But, I do not.

Perhaps, if my tiles were any other color, other than white, things could have been different?

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