Backpack in a Pocket

This backpack is produced by Merinte and is comprised of a light weight 210T polyester. But, it looks like threaded nylon material and seems stronger than a wind-breaker. I'm pretty strong for a chick and I pulled it all over and nothing gave. So, it is tough!

The backpack arrives in a small, rectangular-shaped zip-up pouch, which is actually the bottom portion of the bag. It's easy to remove. Of course, it's pretty wrinkled. But, those will most likely fall out if you leave the pack out of the carrying pouch.

With the sides of the bag pulled outwards, it measures about 15.5" inches wide. The height is about 20.5". But, this is with the bag pulled taught. With books in the book, the height will naturally shrink a bit.

The Merinte logo is located at the bottom of the bag and on the front pouch, which begins at the middle of the bag. There is also a key lanyard located at the very bottom. For me, I lose entirely too many keys to trust them to dangle off of the bottom. I would rather put something cute and/or fun on the hook.

Finally, there are two back straps which travel the length of the bag. Attached to the very top of the bag and sewn behind the straps is a small carrying strap. It's perfect for smaller hands.

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