Craft Beer Menu Monday: Starr Hill Brewery

On tap for today is Starr Hill.  It's one of our favorite craft breweries!  So, here goes.

BreweryStarr Hill Brewery, LLC, is an ever-evolving brewery.  They are always creating a new, quality-packed brew, someone is getting promoted or something new and better is always on the horizon.  As of April of this year, Starr Hill has re-branded and have an excellent new look.  We liked the old look.  But, this look is much cooler!

The new packaging and menu are just beautiful.  It features a Conifer-laden sky-scape with stars.  Primary colors are an off-yellow and a somewhat faded green.  The logo is a red sponge-painted star.

But, this is not all that Starr has done!

They have also enhanced the 2007-released Northern Lights India Pale Ale.  The new one is the Northern Lights IPA and it's more robust.  We wanted to be able to describe the differences in specific detail.  But, the overwhelming taste sensation is that it's more invigorating.  More life!


(2) Northern Lights IPA  (12 Fl Oz) (Newly Enhanced)
(2) Northern Lights India Pale Ale  (12 Fl Oz)

New Design

North Lights IPA pairs well with chicken tikka, masala, spicy tuna rolls, aged cheddar and carrot cake, caramel or cheesecake. 

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