The Worst Day Ever!

The Worst Day Ever is an award-winning book for the children and when you're reading it for the first time, you naturally wonder where the story will end and how it will go.  Then, it ends and you feel good about it.  It's excellent!

James is an ordinarily well-behaved young man who enjoys going to school.  His best friends are Molly and Will.  The three are together often.

Then, James has a bad day.  It really is!  He doesn't do anything awful.  He's just being a child.  At other times, he's being picked on and is forced to take the blame for it.  Really, is he simply misunderstood on this one day and the adults are not even giving him a chance at redemption.  Sighing...

When James' mother picks him up from school, the two begin discussing the day's events.  Then, the two arrive home and James' mother is kind to him, loves on him, and even hugs and holds him for awhile.  The pair sit in one chair for awhile.

Later that day, James and Mother are sitting at the dinner table and Father is present.  The men discuss school rules and how that James can make different/better choices.  James retires for the evening and dreams of his friends.

The next day, James and Molly are acting silly in the lunchroom and it's Molly who receives the dreaded black lunch ticket.  She cries and James puts his arm around her and explains to her that no matter what kind of day she's had, there will always be someone at home love and hug on her.

The last page in the book is blank.  Handwritten at the top are the words, "How does a hug feel to you?"  So, how does a hug feel to you?

Author: Debbie Reece
Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher: BeeBop Books (November 5, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0692230831
ISBN-13: 978-0692230831

By Debbie Reece

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