The Midnight Shrink

Wow.  What a story.  On the norm, we do not read fiction and we certainly do not review it.  Novel?  No thank you.  However, we were drawn to this one.

Dr. David Edminson is a Psychologist who conducts business from his van on Skidrow in L.A.).  He works 9pm to 5am so that he can cater to a crowd of people, for whom many would consider an underdog.  He's a big-hearted guy who genuinely cares and wants to help others.  He also considers himself an underdog and is able to identify with each of his regulars.  His regulars are strippers, hookers, drug abusers, actors and actresses.

David is a street-smart transplant from New York, as are his best friends.  His best friends are two policemen and an E.R. doctor and all are dedicated to what they do.  It's a good thing that the doctor has these friends, as he sees them often during a normal work shift.

Book Review: The Midnight ShrinkWhen acquaintances of David start turning up murdered, he gets into cahoots with his cop friends to help solve these cases.  This leads him to know more about the family with whom he has been estranged for some time now.  It also leads to the ugly truth about one particular family member. 

However, because of all of this, David re-unites with his mother and father.  He will probably even spend Thanksgiving with them.  Consequently, he learns a lot about himself in the process.

After this tough, yet revealing family visit, David returns home, is accosted by men who deliver a couple of kidney punches and skip to the end, realizes who the killer is.  He is then able to assist in the killer's legal demise. 

The most interesting aspect of this piece are David's thoughts about his life, work, and relationships.  For anyone who's ever been through therapy, it's hard not to wonder what those in the mental health profession are thinking as they sit across from us, with their analyzing, their questions and responses.  David lets us in on those processes.

Author: Dr. Edward A. Dreyfus
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

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