Creatures in the Kitchen

Creatures in the Kitchen is brilliant.  It's brilliant and engaging. 

Book Review: Creatures in the KitchenCreatures in the Kitchen is also of a somewhat higher intellect.  It's a rhyming tale of the five senses, which is sneaky in its agenda to educate.  For example, Schirado is talking about the tongue and how it has different taste receptors at different locations.  It's really clever!

The images are amazing.  However, they are a bit freaky in a way that we find slightly disturbing.  Granted, they are kitchen creatures.  We understand that. 

One of the first images in the book is located between the Contents page and chapter one.  Just the look in the girl's eyes alone is discomforting.  Then, we look up and see a meat cleaver dangling precariously from an appendage of some sort.  But, we always were a sensitive child.

Author: William Charles Schirado

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