Yuzen Box for May, 2015

Yuzen Box is always a woman-pleaser of any type and sort.  The included name brands were excellent and we enjoyed what was sent.  This is our second or third Yuzen Box and we are always well-pleased. 

The receipt of a Yuzen Box will leave one spellbound, unable to move or to speak.  In fact, we appreciate the very essence of a Yuzen Box.  They are meant to deliver zen and they do. 

The Yuzen Box retails for $33.00 and can be purchased from the website listed below.  Yuzen is one of the best boxes to get.  Period.
Product Review: Yuzen Box
The Yuzen Box contained the following;

  • ACURE ORGANICS Lip Lush .05 Oz
  • CHOCOLOVE Toffee & Almonds in Milk Chocolate Bar 1.3 Oz
  • CO PUR Hand Balms .5 Oz
  • INNERSENSE ORGANIC BEAUTY Pure Harmony Hairbath and Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner & Shampoo
  • NUBIAN HERITAGE Honey & Black Seed 24 Hour All Natural Deoderant 2.25 Oz
  • SPA RITUAL Nail Lacquers .17 Fl Oz
  • SPA TECHNOLOGIES Micro Pearl Dermabrasion .25 Fl Oz
  • YURRKU AUSTRALIA Utopia Night Cream .33 Fl Oz

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