VOIP netTALK Duo WiFi: UPDATE May 21, 2017

For the last year, we have been paying netTALK's competition for home phone service.  It was cheap ('bout $10.00 a month).  But, it didn't offer what netTALK offers.  For example, 911 service was not available. 

VOIP: netTALK Duo WiFiHowever, now that we've installed the netTALK plan, we are so happy that we did!  It's much cheaper and offers more than the competition.  Now, we won't be so rude as to state who the competition was.  What we will state is that it rhymed with, "Malphart." The words, "Basic, and, "Talk," are also strong hints.

We were so unaware.

netTALK takes you through setup and even allows you to transfer an existing phone number, rather than simply getting a new one.  You can also block problematic phone numbers online.  Plus, a year of netTALK is available for a mere $39.95/year. 


Well, we are sold.  We like the plan.  We like the service.  We also like having 911.

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Update as of May 21, 2017:

netTALK has tried a few times since our free year ended, to collect money. Why? Because we are listed as a customer, we suppose. Contacting them has been so difficult as to become ineffective. They still try to extract services fees from our financial account, as you need this to begin service with them.


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