Vinomaster Wine Aerator Pourer and Spout

Up for consideration are the Vinomaster Wine Aerator Pourer and Spout.  They aerate.  They dispense.  They look cool.  Maybe, too cool.

Vinomaster Wine Aerator Pourer and SpoutI had a difficult time opening up the box, which was regretful because it's a nice looking box.  However, no egregious harms ensued and the world didn't fall apart.  The box is black and bears the Vinomaster logo on the lid.  Inside are the two aforementioned items and a colorful, 3X5 card detailing instructions. 

This is a nice-looking set and would make a great gift for wine-lovers.  They're sturdy, allow for aeration as you pour and provide a nice stopper for completion of beverage consumption. 

This set of Vinomaster products lists for $65.95.  But, it sells for $16.95.  Good times!

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