URBNFit: #1 Long Exercise Bands w/Door Anchor

This product consists of a 3 pack of 5' fitness bands for stretching, workouts and rehabilitation.  They are of professional grade.  So, they won't break or weaken.  Also included is a workout guide.

    URBNFit: #1 Long Exercise Bands w/Door Anchor
  • Easy Band (Yellow)
  • Medium Band (Blue)
  • Hard Band (Red)
  • 1 Door Anchor (for more exercises)

You may also use the bands in conjunction with some of the well-known workout DVD's.  But, for me, I just needed something to get me moving.  My lifestyle is somewhat sedentary and the bands get me moving, which is so critical for those of us sitting behind a computer desk for hours at a time!

Having them also lends itself to variety, as I have never used them before.  They come with a list of 7 exercises, most of which I'll be able to do.  The different strengths make it easy to step up your routine, when you're ready.

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