Udemy Course: How I Hit #1 on Google: The 2015 Complete SEO Course

The course is entitled, "How I Hit #1 on Google: The 2015 Complete SEO Course," and it retails for $399.00 and we will never pay that amount for a Udemy course.  Our attention span is entirely too challenged and these courses (this is our second one) are entirely too intricately organized.  This particular course lasts 6 hours.  But, it seemed like days.

It also seemed that a lot of the material was repeated.  Perhaps, this has more to do with Udemy than the actual course and while we did look through the curriculum, it quickly became an encompassing pot of letters and words.  So, we do not know why this is.

Udemy Course: How I Hit #1 on Google: The 2015 Complete SEO CourseWhat we do know is that the instructor has been previously reviewed and received some negativity because of an obvious love or at least attachment to WordPress.  We find this particularly grating as we just switched over from WordPress to Blogger.  While WordPress does have more professional themes to enjoy for free, one is entirely too limited in many other aspects.  One is also charged too death.  Blech.  Moving on.

While it may seem so, we have nothing against the instructor or the course.  We just didn't learn a tremendous amount.  However, we didn't pay for the course.  Considering that it was free for us, we are at a definite advantage. 

You are also at an advantage. 

If you'd like to take this course for a mere $19.00 (instead of $399.00), you may use this coupon here.  Sweet.

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