ScentBird: May, 2015

ScentBird is an incredible idea, whose time has certainly come!  ScentBird allows the smart consumer the opportunity to truly sample any one of the 300 perfumes, of the 75 brands, which it offers for a mere $14.95 per month.  This is for a 30-day supply.  In fact, ScentBird is the penultimate of smart, affordable and appealing to woman-kind. 

This monthly gem arrives in a small, plastic-bubble, black bag.  Hence, the contents are well-protected.  There is a pink sticker on the back of the envelope to enhance brand awareness.  Again, smart. 

ScentBird: May, 2015The package arrives with a well designed 3 X 5 card, which tells the name of this month's selection.  The other side of the card details your selected essence in detail.  The one that we recently received is an Oscar de la Renta product.  "Something Borrowed, Something Blue."  Perhaps, this will inspire one of the many June brides out there?  It inspired us and we are a tough customer in this arena.  It's a lovely, musky, citrus/floral with excellent silage and longevity.  It's delicate, but strong. 

The perfume sample is of good size (a little bigger than a normal-sized tube of lipstick).  The container is black and so is the velvet sack which accompanies it.  The logo is on the upper portion of the tube and the ScentBird is perched on the end of the lid. 

ScentBird would make an awesome Mother's Day gift.  However, considering its affordability, you might be better off to include a lovely bunch of Carnation's as well and don't forget the card.

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