Saratoga Chips Announces Two New Flavors

As of this month, Saratoga Chips announces new taste sensations to their growing product line, which now includes sweet potato chips.  Their new and innovative flavors include Sweet Potato Himalayan Salt and Sweet Potato with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar.  In an undaunted quest to bring quality and uniqueness to a snacking public Saratoga Chips is, in fact, the only company thus far to use Himalayan Salt.  Himalayan Salt is the purest on earth.  Their chips are also all natural, non GMO, free of allergens and gluten, have 0 grams of trans fat, no preservative and 0 cholesterol.


    Saratoga Chips Announces Two New Flavors
  • (1) Dark Russets with Himalayan Salt (8 Oz)
  • (1) Honey BBQ (8 Oz)
  • (1) Rosemary Garlic (8 Oz)
  • (1) Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper (8 Oz)
  • (1) Sweet Potato Himalayan Salt (8 Oz)
  • (1) Sweet Potato with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar (8 Oz)

Says Rachel Boff, Director of Marketing;

The two new sweet potato flavors will continue to deliver the excellence that Saratoga Chips offers, while growing America's First Kettle Chip Brand...We look forward to bringing delicious and unique chips to retail locations across the Northeast.

All of these delightful products are available in regional marketplaces throughout the Northeast.  This includes Fairway Markets, Hannaford, Price Chopper, Tops Markets, Walmart and Weis Markets.  We did not find a substantive collection of Saratoga Chips for sale online.  There was a big ol' bag here and a 'nuther one there.  Hmph! 

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