Strength Stack 52 Fitness Cards

All games can be played using only the original Strength Stack 52 cards and/or the Expansion and Insane Pack's.  The other decks are for variety and more difficulty.  Good times!  However, we will not go through the intimate details as there are many. 


  • (1) Strength Stack 52 Fitness Cards
  • (1) Expansion Pack
  • (1) Insane Pack (12 of the Hardest Bodyweight Exercises Known to Mankind)
  • (1) Weight Loss Cards
  • (1) Package of 6 Dice

Strength Stack 52 Fitness Cards is an overall great product if you have already been working out or are somewhat fit.  If you get winded pushing the cat out of the way to get to the remote, then, this program is simply not for you.  Somewhere along the way, we got the idea that this is a good product for all of us, without regard for fitness level.  However, this is simply not true.  In fact, you'd spend much more time just flipping through any given deck, in search of an exercise at this level than you would actually working out.  We know.  We looked. 

We don't mean to dis or dog the product.  It's well designed, well thought out and offers variety which some may sorely need.  It's just not for all of us.

Strength Stack 52 Fitness Cards lists for $98.97.  However, it sells for $49.97.  Sweet.

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