StarPack Ultimate Silicone Tip Kitchen Tongs

The first thing that you notice upon removing the duo from the sent package is that they are really sturdy.  Automatically, I started trying to pull one of the pairs apart, without using the pull loop at the top of the tongs.  I'm strong for a chick and it did not break (fortunately).  When I saw that the movements of the loop seemed to correspond to the movements of the tongs, I realized the deal. 

Product Review: StarPack Ultimate Silicone Tip Kitchen Tongs Even the physical construction of the tongs seems perfect.  The metal tongs have silicone strips to protect the user from the heat and the holder portion of the tongs has an indented leaf shape for better grasping.  They're an excellent kitchen tool.

Our only complaint is the color of the tongs.  They are supposed to be cherry red.  However, they are more of a been-out-in-the-sun-red.  It's not pretty.  But, then again, these are not show pieces.  They will not be placed on the mantel, next to Sister Snotla's ashes.  They will not be sitting on the coffee table next to our new, "Mark Rothko," catalog.  Hence, we will use them with pride.  We just won't be taking them to, "Show and Tell."

The tongs go for $18.99.  It's a fair price for a strong pair of tongs.  Good times.

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