Party Night Anti-Hangover

We've been curious about these types of products and since we are the consummate professional, we allowed ourselves massive amounts of alcohol for one dysphoric evening.  Ugh!  It just shows that all of us can be so dumb sometimes.

Our plan might have gone better, had we read the directions first.  But, alas, we did not.  One is supposed to take 2 pills before consumption, 2 after and 2 in the morning, for every 7 drinks.  We took 2 during the consumption and somewhere between 4-8 the next morning, just searching for sanity.  And less noise. 

Please, do not misunderstand.  The product works.  No doubt, it would have worked better, had we followed the instructions.  But, to be fair to your writer, the print on the bottle is really small.  Like, seriously small. 

Hence, we had to get to the Internet for our instructions and this was during the middle of our intoxicated hub-bub.  If we had not used this product, our last 2 days would have been even more miserable.  We would of had nausea, an eternal headache and other self-induced symptoms.  As it was, life was livable.

Party Night Anti-HangoverOur only complaint is a slight aftertaste of unpleasantness.  Just take a whiff inside of the bottle and you won't be tempted to repeat that behavior.  The pills are capsules and are really only intended for heavy-set people and horses, due to their slightly-large size. 

However, your choices are this;

1.  Over-intoxication

     Sore ribs because of all the horking. 
     The presence of an eternal headache.
     Ultra-noisy keystrokes.
     Friends and family calling you, "Pukey." 

2.  Take Party Night Anti-Hangover.

     Tolerate a few bad burps.
     Live your life.

You choose.

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