Neull's Electronic Smokes

Neull's Electronic Smokes is an online company who provide electronic cigarettes for those who are old enough to purchase them.  Their prices are excellent.  The web site is easy to maneuver.


    Product Review: Neull's Electronic Smokes
  • (1) Alabama (Sweet Peach)
  • (1) Alabama Green
  • (1) California Heat (Cinnamon Grape)
  • (1) Menthol (Peach with a Menthol Mint)

We were confused when we unboxed the goods.  The plastic sleeves around the cigarette are actually part of it.  We thought that we had to pull the contents from the sleeve.  We were wrong. 

However, we were able to try the other two and found them to be okay.  The taste for these are different.  The flavor comes from a papyrus material, which sits at the base of the unit.  They weren't terrible.  We simply didn't care for the flavors.  Perhaps, if we hadn't inadvertently destroyed the other two, we might have found one that we liked.  But, we will never know.

Neull's Electronic Smokes sells their smokes in massive amounts and the prices are excellent.  But, please, do not try to dismember them.  You can purchase them from the website listed below.
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