The Music Box

The Music Box is a monthly subscription box service for your ears and it's really cool.  The box is just big enough to accommodate an average of 25 CD's (without the big, bulky, plastic covers) and there's a paper envelope inside of the box with a pattern all over it.  Inside are 3 CD's, a bottle-opening key chain sporting the URL,, various promotional stickers and cards for different bands, a THANK YOU card from The Music Box, a Music Box card with a promo code on it and 2 cdbaby cards with promo cards for 2 more CD's, which is really nice.  If you like those 2 CD's, you have them on your hard drive.  If you don't like them, you simply delete them.
Product Review: The Music Box
The concept is to share new bands with those who would appreciate such a thing.  And we do.  Ideally, what we would like to have is the same service for R&B, Salsa and A Capella bands, as these are our favorites.  But, we aren't even suggesting that The Music Box do this as we are guessing that they have plenty of materials for their chosen genres (Pop Rock, Alt/Indie, Rock, Metal, Country or Surprise Me).

Says owner Ashley;

One day I was opening my Birchbox and literally screamed "The Music Box" -- it was like the idea all of a sudden slapped me in the face! I'm really excited for TMB to grow and for us to promote amazing artists and to help music fans discover their new favorite band!

However, we like the service.  The personnel with whom we dealt were awesome and did what they said they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it.  Really, we are impressed with all of it.  The whole thing!

Furthermore, subscribing is simple.  Choose your amount;

$5 Envelope
$10 Box
$13 Bundle

Select your genre, pay.  Stand out by the mailbox until it comes.  Waving is allowed as you wait.  But, you must wave with all fingers.  Be friendly.

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