Keven Craft Rituals LLC

Keven Craft Rituals is a freshly new Internet company which crafts artisanal organic/handmade lifestyle ritual and beauty products for both sexes in Brooklyn, New York.  Owner and founder is an educated artist, product fabricator and retired roller derby player! 

The website itself is attractive and easy to surf.  You don't have to click on a million links to find what you want.  Oh, how we do not appreciate that very concept.


  • (1) $14.00 Mini Gibbous Oil Bar (.65 Oz)
  • (1) $80.00 Moher Libations: Perfume Oil (.33 Oz)
  • (1) $30.00 Skellig Solid Perfume (.25 Ounce Tin) 

Product Review: Keven Craft Rituals LLCGibbous Oil Bar is a lotion which has a nice tactility to it.  It goes on smooth.  We don't like the smell of this as much as we like the other two products.  But, that probably isn't fair, considering how much we like the other two.  Plus, the aroma is very subtle.  You have to really stick your nose onto the bar to smell it. 

The lotion bar also has aromatherapeutic, healing and metaphysical properties.  It helps to ease depression, to create emotional stases and ease tension.  It has a host of other benefits as well.  Some of these benefits are medicinal.

Moher Libations: Perfume Oil is an excellent essence.  It's very subtle.  It's described as having salt, citrus, spice and essential oils.  Granted, there are hints of spices and other oils.  But, for us, we really notice and feel a woodsy, nature aroma that is unlike any we've ever approached. 

Skellig Solid Perfume is really nice and it's also a neat concept.  You can tote about this container of perfume much easier than a big/bulky/sloppy bottle with a lost lid.  It's a simplistically elegant, small tin of perfume and our only fuss is that it's just not strong enough.  This is our only complaint.  We want more.

It's clear that a tremendous amount of thought went into website design, packaging and products.  The details of every product are not minutia.  They are the substance! 

Keven offers free domestic shipping on orders of $100.00 or more.  All can be purchased at the website below and they were really quick to assist us in our endeavors.  Thank you Keven!

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