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Harry & David have been gifting a buying public since 1934.  While they are very well known by now, you can't really know what makes them so special until you've received one of their products. 

You can only imagine the awesomeness, until you receive it.

H & DThe Mother's Day Sweets Box was such a joy to receive.  The box in which the sweets are contained is pretty, simple and has a pink bow tied around it.  It's a strongish container which may be used again (for regifting, photos, etc.). 

The sweets include a package of pineapple chocolates, 4 raspberry truffles, 2 vanilla shortbread cookies and a package of yogurt-covered pretzels.  The box is well-compartmentalized and the whole thing is just beautiful. It's also well thought out.

This Mother's Day Sweets Box retails for $19.95 and is the simplest of the Mother's Day boxes.  If you wish to spend more, you have the opportunity to do that.  The next box up is $39.95 and up from that goes for $49.95.  You may purchase yours from the link below.

We gifted this review to our mother and she was very delighted even though she knew that it was a review and we therefore, had not paid a penny for it and really, who wouldn't appreciate such thought? 


Harry and David Customer Care said...

Dear Ginae,
Thank you so much for the kind words and thoughtful review. We here at Harry and David take great pride in all aspects of our products, and are glad to hear that you (and your mother) thoroughly enjoyed our Mother’s Day Sweets Box.

Ginae Reviews said...


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