Hammock Income: How to Have Your Money Work Best for You Through Private Real Estate Investment

Hammock Income is an Amazon offering by writer Phil Champagne. 

The first chapter is hard to read.  It offers an unabashed look at the bleak abyss that can represent a harsh financial outlook for most any working adult who also have offspring to worry about. 

Hammock IncomeThe second chapter offers information regarding private investments.

Chapter three details private offerings. 

After chapter three, Champagne goes into more specifics about real estate investments.  However, as someone who has pondered real estate, investments, finances and other germane topics off and on for years, what was missing was the, "How To." 

But, then again, this wasn't really for focus of the book.  The focus offers information for those who know enough to be able to function somewhat in the private real estate investment arena.  If this is you, you may find the information pretty darn helpful!  Plus, you can currently get the Kindle edition for a mere $0.99.

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