AFFIRM YOUR TRUTH: A 30 Day Mental Transformation From Stressed, Anxious, or Depressed To Happy, Hopeful, and Full of Peace

AFFIRM YOUR TRUTH was meant to be a book-in-process, similar to, "28 Days to a More Magnetic Life,"  which, I truly relished.  Just recently, I ran across this gem and was going to read it again, until the possibility of this review arose.  Time/timing is so weird!

Expectation for daily completion is 5-10 minutes.  Well, that's for those of us who aren't prone to over-analyzing.  As for the how of reading this book, you should follow your gut.  The idea is to let each day build as you seriously contemplate your daily readings.  The author is also prepared to send out daily reminders, should you desire this.

AFFIRM YOUR TRUTH was founded on 12 Pillars, which are;

  • Believe
  • Remember
  • Smile
  • Enjoy
  • Think
  • Succeed
  • Give
  • Create
  • Love
  • Celebrate
  • Grow
  • Empower

Day 1 Affirmations;

Affirmation 1: 
This Is A Truly Amazing Life.

Affirmation 2: 
Everything is Conspiring For My Benefit.

I can't do it.  I cannot keep up with this book.  It simply isn't for me.  The writing is somewhat disorganized and tedious.  Granted, we do not enjoy reading on the whole, because it is so tedious.  However, this information simply doesn't resonate with me. 

I am not stating that this is a bad book.  It isn't.  It's just that I find it difficult to go through as the writer's style doesn't agree with me and I own that. For example, the first 33 pages of the book will go through what the book is about, why it's important (and it is important) and how to truly consider the written word.

However, I encourage you to try the book for yourself, if this is where you're at right now.  You can download a chapter or two for free, just for this purpose.  Please, do not let me discourage you from trying it out.  It very well could change your life.

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