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Wikiwood Naturals is a small, family owned company, which hails from Springfield, Virginia.  In 2012, The Mom and Pop of the organization were enjoying a surprise, romantic camping trip, in recognition of anniversary.  It was during this special encounter, when John and Jadira realized that they wanted to re-experience their heightened sense of being relaxed for themselves and for others with their products.  Hence, many of their candles were inspired by nature.

All of Wikiwood Naturals products are well-made, attractively designed and solid.  There are no visible imperfections.  Our favorite design is the candle tin.  We cannot even express the why.  We just like the way that they look.

Wikiwood Naturals  Oh, and in the event that you've never visited our blog before, Wikiwood also sent a hand-written message in a lovely mauve envelope.  We like that.  It's just another thing that a company can do to reach out to a customer.  It's just thoughtful.


  • Cinnamon Chai Tin ($7.00)
  • Cococabana Tin ($7.00)
  • Tranquility Tureen Jar ($12.50)

Cinnamon Chai

Cinnamon Chai is your warm, cuppa Chai.  It is made with black tea, cinnamon, sweet vanilla
and natural essential oils, such as Cinnamon Leaf, Clove Bud and Orange.  Delightful.


The Cococabana actually does have a tropical get-a-way feeling to it.  High notes are of coconut
and banana is subdued.  It's a pleasing mixture.


Tranquility burns a very unique essence.  It has a nature feel to it.  There are cinnamon, patchouli, eucalyptus (light), clove and floral red rose notes. 

Wikiwood Naturals also sells shea body butter products.  However, we were more interested in the candles and we really like these.  Instructions for use are located under the lids,  prices seem moderate for quality product and all may be purchased from the website listed below.

Thank you Wikiwood Naturals!
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