Wazoo Survival Gear: K-10 Dog Collar

The Wazoo K-10 Dog Collar is really just an incredible work of art. There are 3 available colors and they include Black, Charcoal Goldenrod and Reflective Glow. We selected the first and the hues are vibrant and alive. It's available in a small (12"-16"), medium (15"-19") and large (18"-22").

Located on the underside of the collar are the following survival gear items;

    Wazoo Survival Gear: K-10 Dog Collar
  • Fishing Line (50 ft, 50lb test) 
  • Eagle Claw Hooks (4 Size 8) 
  • Split Shot Weights (2) 
  • Snare wire (30", 7 strand, stainless steel) - Can be Used as Fishing Wire 
  • Safety Pins (2) 
  • Retro-Reflector Glow Light Straw 
  • Magnetized Needle 

The K-10 Dog Collar is super strong, corrosion-resistant, water-resistant, has nickel-plated steel, a 3m center stripe (which is reflective), contours to the dog's neck and has enough of the hidden materials to help you and your dog to be able to get food, should it ever become necessary. You simply need to pop off the parachord at either end to get to those items.

The K-10 Dog Collar retails for $59.00 and comes with a lifetime warranty. You can have customized text on the underside, to include your dog's name across the top, your phone number and address. It is for sale at the company website, as listed below. Finally, you may accumulate Wazoo Rewards just for sending photos and stories about your Wazoo Survival Gear, so that they may be shared with others. For this, you will receive coupons, discounts and special offers. Sweet.

Just as an aside, we tried to do this collar justice. It's one of the most solid products that we have ever come upon as a reviewer. While Wazoo Survival Gear has a nice array of products, they wanted a review of the collar and it is our sincerest hope that its durability, strength and excellence have come across with this piece.

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