The Complete Guide to Screenwriting for Children's Film & Television

The Complete Guide to... begins this tale with a quick view of societal thinking for those who write for children's shows and it isn't positive.  We don't even need to consider such thinking, considering that some of the shows that we watched as children are some of our very few memories from childhood.  After the countless number of conversations that we've had with other adults about this topic, it seems that this is a norm for many.

It's sad really.  That some people feel that way. 

Chapter One is an introduction states that writer's for children need to have some knowledge about the age of the children, for whom one wishes to write.  This is eloquently stated, in fact.  Simple, it would seem.

Chapter Two introduces one's target audience.  This includes their ages, developmental stages, etc.  This is well done and broken down with a sharp simplicity. 

Chapter Three is entitled, "The Principles of Writing for Children." 

The Complete Guide to Screenwriting for Children's Film & Television
Chapter Four instructs as to writing comedy.

Chapter Five is a short chapter, as it introduces the next three chapters, which are critical.

Chapter Six addresses cognitive abilities in early childhood.

Chapter Seven explains that content is a response to a need.

Chapter Eight details the sci-fi characters (heros, ogres, etc.). 

Chapter Nine discusses puppets and puppetry.

Chapter Ten raises the topic of animation.

Chapter Eleven instructs as to joining the industry of children's media.

This book is very organized and easy to read.  The author has a way of bringing in some complex ideas and presenting them in a simple manner.  Normally, how-to books are so busy trying to sell another product that the book is skimpy on germane material.  That is not the case here!

The Kindle edition sells for a mere $0.99.

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