Softy Hand Sanitizing Wipes

These are sweet! They arrive in a plain, white box and are individually packaged. There are two tear spots, towards the top of each package. Hence, they are easy to open up in a hurry.

Softy Hand Sanitizing WipesThey have a fresh, but subtle citrus aroma and clean well too! I tried them on a stained file cabinet and most of the stain came off. 'Course, I've been scrubbing at that spot for the past year. Nevertheless, these work.

Softy's are convenient in these individual packages and can be placed anywhere they're needed. I try to keep some in the car. However, most of these dry up after a few months. We don't know about Softy's. We'll have to give them a few months, before we'll know.

But, for now, I have Softy happiness.

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