Redken's New Fashion Collection

Redken's Global Styling Director Guido introduces his new Fashion Collection. Guido is a visionary stylist and the creative force behind the runway's most iconic hairstyles. With the New Fashion Collection (available as of this month), you can re-create the looks that he has created for fashion's top designers at Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Week. The collection is comprised of the following, which we have just received;
Redken's New Fashion Collection
  • Braid Aid 03 MSRP $25.00 
  • Metal Fix 08 MSRP $27.00 
  • Short Sculpt 19 MSRP $24.00 
  • Stay High 18 MSRP $24.00 

Braid Aid 03 (Braid Defining Lotion) 

Sometimes, braids slip or simply do not hold well. Braid Aid gives definition to braids and twists. Place a couple of lotion squeezes into your hands. Then, work 3-5 more through mid-lengths and ends. Stype as desired. Secure with an elastic and apply throughout the day as is needed.

Metal Fix 08 (Metallic Liquid Pomade) 

Metal Fix 08 is comprised of a gold tube and a silver tube. It is our favorite as it is more dramatic and perfect for sleek styles. It provides a high-fashion metallic shimmer. Using your index finger, paint on Metal Fix 08 liquid pomade with brief, stacatto strokes. To build some drama, let each layer dry. Then, reapply. It is advised that you use a small color brush.

Short Sculpt 19 (Touchable Texturizing Gel) 

This is excellent for short hair. It provides a fashion tweek with a sleek or textured finish. Simply apply a small amount, evenly throughout your hair. Blow dry. Style. Go!

Stay High 18 (High-Hold Gel to Mousse) 

Stay High 18 is perfect for runway-ready updos. Work of couple of squeezes into your hands, until the mousse becomes richer. Apply from one area to the next to damp hair while focusing on the roots. Give a comb through for even distribution. Blow dry. Style as desired.

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