Joint 3X

I always follow the directions when it comes to taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements.  Otherwise, they can upset the tummy.  So, I followed the directions and they were to take 5 pills with food and I did so, without upset.

I could feel a slight improvement after the first few times that I took them.  It's easy when you're overly sensitive and there is no cushion left between your knee bones.  You notice even the smallest of changes.  I can definitely bend more, better and more often than I could without having taken the supplements.

My gait is noticeably more steady too!  I really like this product and will take it until it's all gone.  Then, I'll probably have to buy some more.  It's just that good.

Joint 3X retails for $23.95 and may be purchased here.

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