iPhone 6 Plus Glass Screen Protector

This is a sleek little package that comes with easy-to-use instructions.

Comes With the Following;

(1) Protective Sleeve 
(1) Dry Wipe 
(1) Wet Wipe 
(1) Dust Remover 
(1) Small Microfiber Cloth 
iPhone 6 Plus Glass Screen Protector(1) Instructions 

With this product, it's all about the protective glass. Co-Founder Michael Graham says;

We have spent months testing the robustness, ideal dimensions/material, and design of the #1 Ballistic Glass... 

Indeed, it's pretty tough and this is exactly what so many of us phone droppers need.   Granted, rounded corners on your phone case are nice and helpful.  They are.  However, those rounded corners won't mean anything if you two-year-old nephew grabs your phone and commences to suckle it like a tired old teddy bear.  You just never know.  Why not be safe?

This military graded, tempered glass maintains 99.9% clarity and an impressive touchscreen accuracy.

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