Inateck Surface Pro 3 Protective Carrying Sleeve for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 PC (3rd Gen)

The Inateck Surface Pro 3 is a carrying tote for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 PC (third generation). However, we just purchased a Samsung Chromebook and it fits beautifully (13.19 x 9.06 inches). The case is well-made and well-stitched. There isn't a single loose thread.

The front of the case has a single slot for a small book or other literature.

The back has two slot-pockets for chords, small drives, or a diskette (don't laugh, there is still some software out there on those coffee coasters).
The case closes with an elongated velcro strip which is met with a leather tab on the very front (easily seen in the attached photograph).

There is also a small logo tab on the right side.
The sleeve was packaged well. It arrived in a plastic sleeve, sporting the Inateck logo. It's nice. Thoughtful, even. It also comes with a small, matching bag/container for a mouse, etc.

This carrying case lists for $38.99. However, it goes for $16.99 from the Amazon URL listed below. Granted, this will not keep the cats from lounging on our new electronic purchase. It won't. But, it provides attractive housing for our new toy.

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