Udemy Course: EBay Apprentice Program - Make Thousands On eBay

Dave Espino has compiled quite the substantive Ebay course for the motivated home learner. His speaking voice is excellent. There are very few verbal bumps or pregnant pauses and words are easy to discern.

Udemy Course: EBay Apprentice Program - Make Thousands On eBayHowever, the course is rich in detail! It's too rich, really. It's too rich for this listener anyway. Granted, there were a few areas where more information would have been apropo. But, then again, this would have made for an even longer course and we were already agitated. We include our feelings in the review not to cast a negative shadow of any sort on Dave Espino or this program. We do this to let others of a short attention span orientation know that you are in for some irritation.

A significant portion of the presentation slides are slightly out-of-focus. But, this could have been due to some weird computer setting, for which we were/are unaware. The downloadable files (.pdf) towards the back of the presentation are much better though. These are nice additions to the presentation too.

Lecture 51 offers 83 pages to snap up, if you wish. Lecture 52 offers 51 pages. The last such section is 53, with 82 pages. These are really nice, as you are able to take the information away with you (on a Kindle, for example) or to even print them up, if there is something that you wish to mull over or to use in some other manner, for which printing them out is a real bonus.

We whine a little about the images and the amount of information. That's us and we own that. However, there really is a ton of information here. If you think that you know Ebay really well, you just might learn something else.

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