Dove: Go Fresh Revitalize

New to the Dove line of skincare products are the go fresh Revitalize Beauty Bar and Body Wash. They hydrate. They refresh. They're just in time for Spring.


(1) 2-Bar Package of Mandarin and Tiere Flower Scent SRP $3.79
(1) 22 Oz Bottle of Mandarin and Tiere Flower Scent SRP $6.99
(1) 17 Oz Jar of Orange Slice Candies COMPLEMENTARY
Dove: Go Fresh Revitalize
The soap bars are a lovely, light orange in color and while we normally prefer shower gel to the soap bar, we really like the Dove bar. But, we knew that we would. In fact, we've never used a Dove product that we didn't consider to be outstanding.

The shower gel delivers a whoosh of fresh zest with one squeeze. However, you cannot judge it until you've showered or bathed with it. If your skin is overly dry, as ours is, it will soak up the moisturizers in a second. Even after shaving, our skin was so soft and smooth. The gel lathers nicely too!

Go fresh Revitalize products are available in food, drug, club, retail and online buying outlets as of this month. We cannot adequately explain the divine essence's of these items. You must experience them for yourself.

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