Chantilly Mega Supreme Enzyme Probiotic

I am somewhat new to the mere concept of probiotics.  But, now that I have a firmer grasp of what they are and what they do, I am absolutely sold!  There are too many benefits not to.

Probiotics elevate mood, keep you regular and fight dry mouth.

Chantilly Mega Supreme Enzyme ProbioticHowever, so far, I have tried only two different brands of probiotics.  The first one is a gummy and when you stick your nose anywhere near the plastic container of those gummy's, you are likely to become a little upset.  The smell is awful.  But, they taste good and work well.

The Chantilly brand is real powdery.  They are chalky when you first open the bottle and while this is not a life-altering incident, it is worthy of note.  As I opened up the bottle, I happened to glance at the container which states that these were vegetable tablets.  I grimaced and tried one anyway.  The tablet begins sweet.  But, then, something mildly unpleasant happens and the taste just goes awry. 

Granted, the Chantilly brand is not massively stinkful like the other brand.  But, it doesn't taste great.  Please know that I have a very persnickety palate.  I wish I didn't.  There just aren't enough good flavors on this earth to please me. 

Otherwise, the Chantilly brand does seem to do its job.


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