Waiakea is the brand name that you seek, when looking for Hawaiian volcanic alkaline water.  Sourced from Mauna Loa, it's the only company which applies to the last four words of the last sentence when Googled.  The only one.

The fact that this water is what it is and comes where it comes from ensures that it is filtered through thousands of feet of porous volcanic rock, which has a plethora of natural benefits, which includes magnesium, sodium, silica, potassium and calcium.  It detoxifies, has no artificial processed involved and a lasting pH.

Past that, Waiakea tastes good.  It seems somehow, pure.  Of course, it's better cold.  But, still!


  • (2) 1l Bottles ($38.00 Per 12 Bottle Case)
  • (5) 500ml Bottles ($38.00 Per 24 Bottle Case)

The bottles themselves are beautiful.  They are a light blue color and square.  Company values are printed on the back label.  We like this.

The water is good too.  As you can imagine, it's one thing to drink a certain water brand because no one else in your area is drinking it and you look cool.  That's one thing.  It's quite another to drink that same water because it's a pure taste, is sustainable and donates 650 liters of clean water to those rural Africans in need through Pump Aid.

You may get them here.

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