Tazeka Aromatherapy

If there's an odd thing about Tazeka Aromatherapy, it's that its the only aromatherapy website that we've run across that actually mentions the importance of chi.  As a reiki master, we know of the importance and we want to know why other aromatherapy sites do not recognize chi.  Surely, they do?

As we ponder why this particular brand is so outstanding, we need only to peruse the website on a critical level.  The answers are right there.  The brand is naturally concerned about ingredients, as it should be.  However, the brand also knows of the interactions between spirit and everything else.  It all makes sense!

Tazeka Aromatherapy
  • (1) Aphrodite (0.27 Fl Oz) MSRP $44.95
  • (1) Motivation (0.27 Fl Oz) MSRP $39.50
  • (1) Slim Solution (0.27 Fl Oz) MSRP $44.95
  • (1) Peaceful Slumber (2 ml Sample)

The products are all attractive and colorful.  There's a subtle joy in simply looking at them.  No kidding.


This one is meant to break down unnecessary blockages that you might have in this area.  We use this one with discretion as we don't need Aphrodite's help just now.  Hopefully, one day.


We employ the Motivation scent when we have a lot of work to do, which is often and it does do its job.  We work longer than we normally would have without stopping to whine about being tired.

Slim Solution

This aroma works instantaneously to quell those inordinate urges.  We pretty much keep this on one wrist and Motivation on the other at most times throughout the day.

Peaceful Slumber (2 ml Sample)

We have used this one for four nights in a row and it is definitely effective.  We know this because it is very difficult for us to get to a semi-sleep state as our mind is always running.  Excellent product!

The essence's are available at the website listed below.  Because we've had a good chance to test these by now, we can assert that this is a very effective way to help you with many of life's situations.  They seem extra effective, in fact.

We know.

We know that it seems somewhat implausible that this method of scent dissemination to assist in daily deeds seems silly.  We get that.  But, it's true!  Our diffuser simply doesn't do the job that Tazeka's does.

Consider this fact.  If you happen up a goat who's stuck in a well and the only tool at your disposal to help the goat is a coil of rope, lying on the ground and you are able to see yourself rescuing him, then you do, you'll understand how the concept of aromatherapy is not foreign after all.

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