Supernova 300 Lantern

This is a sturdy lantern, which is sure to stand up to the rigors of packing, being dropped, sat on, leaned on and other in-car our out-of-doors activities.  It requires 3 D sized batteries and fortunately, the bottom portion of the lantern comes off easily so that they can be inserted.

Supernova 300 Lantern
Once the batteries are in, you need simply to depress the only button on this unit to turn it on.  The button is located on the front, lower portion of the item.  So, locating it in the dark shouldn't be problematic.  The button will also allow the user to cycle through each of the 3 modes (high, low, strobe).  The strobe mode is good for extemporaneous dance parties.  But, mostly, it's good for emergency situations.

The top portion of the lantern is also easy to remove.  You may wish to do this for better lighting.  Attached to it is a black bar, which will allow you to hang it.  There is also an integrated base hook (at the bottom of the unit).

The lamp puts out 300 lumens and can be used continuously for 6 days.  Hence, it's great to have in an emergency.  It's also great to have for comic book reading after the lights go out, so that your mother doesn't know what you're doing.

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