Salsa Crazy: Habanero Bloody Mary Mix

I've never been overly found of tastes and essences that could burn and consume eventual body cells.  Hence, the latest jalapeno and habanero phase is one that I'd rather sit out.  Really.

Salsa Crazy: Habanero Bloody Mary Mix
However, Salsa Crazy does have an excellent product.  I tasted it sans the alcohol and it was really good.  It was slightly too hot for me and I like hot.  I just can't take too much heat.

The mix itself is tomato and aroma-rich with chile, other spices and texture.  It also has hints of vinegar and soy sauce.  It makes for an excellent drink as well!


This substantive concoction retails for $14.95.  You can get your bottle @ Amazon.

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BloodyMaryTour said...

This sounds like a product I will have to try! Some days I like my Bloodys habanero-hot, other days I like them more medium. Was this one of your favorite mixes?

Feel free to check out my site if you like Bloody Marys! I have various recipes and did my first product review a few weeks ago on The Real Dill's Bloody Mix.


-Jess (

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